[time-nuts] Setting Windows XP clock.

Max Robinson max at maxsmusicplace.com
Sat Jul 12 20:46:04 EDT 2014

This is what I was looking for.  On this computer I only need accuracy 
within a few seconds.  Thank you to all who suggested alternatives.


Max.  K 4 O DS.

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> You don't need an app.
> 1. Right click on the time display in the task bar.
> 2. Select 'Adjust Date/Time'.
> 3. Click on the 'Internet Time' tab.
> 4. Type in any server you want.  I suggest 'us.pool.ntp.org'.  This gives 
> you access to a pool of servers so that if one is down or wrong, the next 
> one will correct the error.
> This isn't just for XP.  Any program or OS that accesses an NTP server by 
> name can do this.  If you don't need the kind of precision or tracking 
> that a full NTP client provides, using the server pool is probably the 
> best way to go.
> Ed
> On 7/12/2014 5:29 PM, Max Robinson wrote:
>> As some of you no doubt know microshaft has stopped supporting windows 
>> XP. As part of this they have ceased to correct windows XP clocks.  This 
>> seams rather small of them as it can't possibly be any inconvenience to 
>> them to continue to provide this service.
>> I have a program on my old 98 box which runs my weather station program. 
>> On boot-up it contacts some place and corrects the system clock.  I put 
>> it on that machine so long ago I don't remember where I got it or who it 
>> contacts. Does anyone know of a program I can download that will do the 
>> same for my XP box.  I have no intention of upgrading until this box 
>> becomes absolutely un-operational.
>> Regards.
>> Max.  K 4 O DS.
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