[time-nuts] Sine to square wave converter Phase Noise

Gerhard Hoffmann dk4xp at arcor.de
Tue Jul 29 07:54:51 EDT 2014

Am 29.07.2014 um 13:38 schrieb David C. Partridge:
> Further to my previous post:
> I note that the LTC6957 is 3.3V CMOS rather than 5V.  Do you have a
> recommmendation for a level converter to 5V logic?  Would a 74AC04 using a
> 5V supply cope well enough in that role or is there a better solution?

74ACT04.  Keeps the low input trip point that used to be common with TTL.

< http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/74/74ACT04.pdf >

regards, Gerhard

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