[time-nuts] More FE5680 GPS Disciplined Controller

EWKehren at aol.com EWKehren at aol.com
Thu Jun 19 16:36:39 EDT 2014

Attached is a picture of the other peace of the puzzle. This  is the 
universal output module. It has two impendent ground isolated outputs  each one 
can be set for 5 or 10 MHz. It also has regulators and a switcher so  all you 
feed in is 17 V and you get 5 and 15 V.
The empty socket is for a PIC that will control a FTDI USB  adapter for 
those that want to store controller info on a memory stick. We would  like to 
add a single line LCD that shows controller info real time, would like  some 
help on that
We plan to have a partial Kit  since buying individual  transformers from 
mini circuits is prohibitive.Same goes for  inductors.
Bert Kehren
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