[time-nuts] 3.0GHz Channel 3 installation in Agilent 53132A counter

James Robbins jsrobbins at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 19 08:34:26 EDT 2014

Many thanks for all the replies.

Nigel, thank you for the link.  I did have this pdf, but was not reading it correctly.

It has been suggested that perhaps the counter main board was "set up" (modified) for a 12GHz channel 3.  That would have required some mods to the actual main board, but I am not sure what they would be to check them out.  The FW is 3703, so the counter is pretty current.  

I have a second 53132A with a 3.0GHz channel 3 installed which works properly.  I will try some swapping of boards to see if the issue is with the new channel 3 board or with the new counter's main board.

Jim Robbins

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