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Claude Fender labtf1 at yahoo.fr
Sat Mar 22 07:48:41 EDT 2014


I have two generators 3324A and 33120A and one counter 5334B. All the instruments are locked to a GPSDO. 
I've  measures a 1 kHz output  of the generators with the counter  set with a gate time of 1 second, and repeated the measure 3600 times.

The average for the 3324A is 999.9999996 Hz with a standard deviation of 6.79E-5
The average for the 33120A is 999.9999986 Hz with a standard deviation of 1.04E-5. (see joined graph)

The resolution of the 3324A is 1 mHz, the resolution of the 33120A is 0.1 mHz

So here is my question ! Do you think if I find a generator with a resolution less than 0.1 mHz, the repetability will be better ? If so, do you have any advice for some stuff less than 1000 USD ?

Thanks in advance !

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