[time-nuts] Aircraft ping timing

iovane at inwind.it iovane at inwind.it
Sun Mar 23 09:05:23 EDT 2014

>Da: rmoncur at bigpond.net.au
>Data: 23/03/2014 10.58
>For info MH370 did transmit ADS-B signals up to 17:21 UTC on 7 March when it
>seems it was either switched off or disabled.  You can still see the track
>it took up to this time using the playback facility on Flight Radar 24 by
>say starting at around 17:00 UTC on 7 March. The flight No on ADS-B is
>slightly different and shows as MAS370 rather than MH370. Both are quoted on
>Flight Radar 24 when you click on the aircraft to see its track.

It seems to me that this has not yet been mentioned: Flightradar24 offers for 
free a Radcape ADS-B receiver (which includes a GPS receiver) provided that you 
have a good location and a continuous internet connection. The unit may work 
stand-alone and doesn't need a computer. Check if you may apply starting from 


Antonio I8IOV

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