[time-nuts] Aircraft ping timing

nuts nuts at lazygranch.com
Sun Mar 23 18:28:43 EDT 2014

FR24 got a bit picky with their latest generation receiver since so
many of the first generation units "walked." What they have been doing
lately is giving them to flight schools, which are a bit more
responsible than your average schmuck. 

You can monitor any of these decoders with
> http://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk/

To keep this timing related. there is am open source program to
calibrate these DVB-T dongles based on LTE signals. 

> http://www.serverfault.sk/2012/10/lte-cell-scanner/

I got this running on Opensuse 12.3. I haven't run it lately. Due to
the bandwidth limit of the rtlsdr-, you can only scan the 700MHz LTE
signals (Verizon).

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