[time-nuts] Airraft Ping Timing

David McGaw n1hac at dartmouth.edu
Tue Mar 25 01:18:44 EDT 2014

I am surprised it took them this long.  A number of satellite telemetry 
systems can use doppler as a matter of course for locating transmitters, 
such as Iridium and Argos.


On 3/25/14 12:58 AM, Peter Gottlieb wrote:
> This is how ELT locating satellites work (when not relaying the newer 
> GPS data bursts).  Several on another list I watch suggested this 
> pretty early on and I guess INMARSAT got the message.  I'd be curious 
> to know if AFRCC pointed INMARSAT in that direction.
> Really shows the value of precise and stable time references!
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> According to a report on FOX, INMARSAT was able to determine the Malasia
> Air followed the southern traectory from the Dopplar of the pings. They
> verified their model by tracking other planes.
> -John
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