[time-nuts] RC TIC linearity correction?

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Tue Mar 25 23:59:26 EDT 2014

I hadn't given any thought to correcting the linearity of the TIC I built, but my PLL plots tell me I should do it now.  Explanation: when I arrange things so that the phase point is near the top of my TIC's range, it requires a smaller movement than when the phase point is in the middle:  Presumably the difference is even greater near the bottom.  Can anyone give me a reference of some type for doing this?  I looked around a few weeks ago, but my google-foo wasn't up to the challenge.

The schematic is essentially this, except that C1 doesn't really exist.  It was a place-holder on my board in case the caps in the PIC weren't up to it by themselves - which they were.  And, not that it matters, but the level shifter (Q1,Q2) was also not needed.


Bob - AE6RV

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