[time-nuts] Isotemp OCXO107-10 Internal Photos

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Tue Mar 25 23:54:10 EDT 2014

FYI, I've posted a few pictures of the inside of this oscillator. 
Noteworthy is the tiny Dewar flask.


If you click on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the picture and 
then do it again, you'll get the full size picture.

After about a week of operation, aging was < 5e-10/day (spec is < 
2e-10/day).  An impressive result for such a short run time. Adev with 
drift removed at Tau > 100 sec. is stuck at ~1e-11 as measured against a 
Tbolt.  I can't find a spec for it.  The Tbolt and measurement system 
are capable of much better performance than that so the Isotemp appears 
to be the limiting factor.  Maybe longer run time would bring it down.


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