[time-nuts] Beaglebone NTP server

Iain Young iain at g7iii.net
Thu Mar 27 05:41:35 EDT 2014

On 26/03/14 23:18, Brian Lloyd wrote:

> Well, yeah. I figured that I would run the 1pps from my T-bolt to a GPIO
> line with appropriate clamping to 3.3V.
> But if anyone has done this before and run into anything of note, that
> would be nice to know ahead of time.

Can I suggest you consider FreeBSD ? You can use the TIMER4-7 input pins
as PPS input for a better PPS. See the following URL for details:


If I recall correctly, the patch is in the FreeBSD 10 snapshots for the
Beaglebone, so you don't need to apply it, but you will need to enable
PPS and ensure one of the four TIMER pins is set to input in the DTS
and recompile.


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