[time-nuts] NTP and Windows 7

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Mar 27 16:00:24 EDT 2014

From: Martin Burnicki

You should try the release version first. Just unzip the ZIP archive,
stop the NTP service, copy all extracted files over the files in your
NTP installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\NTP\bin\), and
restart the NTP service.


Many thanks for your input and recommendations.  I'm lucky here to have many 
stratum-1 servers on the LAN to which I can lock quite tightly, so I don't 
see some of the issues to which the Internet-only users are exposed.

Just a small point, as the user needs to edit files associated with NTP 
(e.g. ntp.conf, leapseconds file), and as NTP needs to write files regularly 
itself (e.g. drift and any statistics), I have been recommending users to 
install outside the now protected C:\Program Files\ tree, into e.g. 
C:\Tools\NTP\.  This applies to quite a few other programs where the user is 
still expected to be able to edit e.g. .INI files etc.  This is the 
reasoning behind my installation instructions for Windows here:


I appreciate that there are other, perhaps better, ways to solve this 
problem, but at least my approach avoids the confusion caused to the user by 
Microsoft's virtualised directories, and the other consequences that 
mechanism has.

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