[time-nuts] Measuring ADEV for a beginner

Anthony Roby aroby at antamy.com
Sat Nov 1 16:43:14 EDT 2014

Thanks - seems that I should be able to do this with my Racal-Dana 1992 counter.


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On 11/01/2014 02:29 PM, Anthony Roby wrote:
> I've been reading a lot about ADEV and following the threads on the list, particularly Karen's in-flight thread.
> What I haven't come across is a simple explanation of the basic setup required to go about collecting the data.
> John Miles referenced this page http://www.ke5fx.com/tpll.htm, and the 
> simple setup at the bottom of the page looks like a reasonable place 
> to start.  Seems that I'd need to acquire a phase detector and build 
> or buy some filters and the amp.  I can probably figure that out, but how do I get the data into a PC?  Is there a basic hardware and software setup that someone could point me to or recommend?

The time-interval counter, such as HP5370 or SR620, get started (channel
1) by a reference clock, such as 1 PPS and is then stopped (channel 2) by signal under test. The counter is typically read out through GPIB, even if some counters have serial interface and maybe even USB or Ethernet for really new (or retro-fitted), and the recommended path is to get a GPIB to USB interface for instance.
Then use John Miles TimeLab.

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