[time-nuts] Lucent KS-24361, HP/Symmetricom Z3809A, Z3810A, Z3811A, Z3812A GPSDO system

Bill Riches bill.riches at verizon.net
Sun Nov 2 09:21:58 EST 2014

System has been fired up for about 48 hours and seems to have settled down a bit by watching scope trace movement between Lucent and thunderbolt (has been on for months).

I hooked up Lucent to input of 3586 (sync with thundebolt) and measured 15625 khz with spectrum lab for 8 hours - sample every 15 min. 

In the excel printout of 15625 data I subtracted 15625 to get hz error.  Totaled hz error for all samples - divided total by number of samples and got average hz error.

Then divided 10 MHZ by the average error and got an error of 1.6x10-11.  This computed error also includes pc sound card error.

Just wondering - if sound card error were corrected would this procedure be close to measuring the difference between two GPS units?  If so - how close would two GPS units be in FX?

Any ideas on getting better control of the pc sound card osc via SL? PC has been on for 24 hours and am measuring 15625 from gps locked 3336 into SL just to see how bad sound card osc is.

I sure do appreciate all the info on our toys.


Bill, WA2DVU
Cape May

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