[time-nuts] Hydrogen Maser KIT! Update #1

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Sun Nov 2 21:40:30 EST 2014

I would think that making the teflon coating would be pretty easy.

What I would try is to put a nichrome boat, and some teflon into the
vessel, and pull it down to a good vacuum.  Then heat up the boat,
and the teflon should sublime, and condense on the walls of the

The nichrome boat could be something as simple as wrapping the nichrome
into a solenoid form around some teflon rod.

-Chuck Harris

Bob Camp wrote:
> Hi
> It’s been way too many years since my last Maser play session …
> Will it fire up *without* the Teflon coating on the bulb? Yes it works *better*
> with the Teflon (less wall interaction). Getting the bulb re-coated might be a
> major pain. It does look ugly in it’s current state. I’m wondering about just
> stripping the bulb and then seeing what works and what does not.
> Bob

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