[time-nuts] Hydrogen Maser KIT! Update #1

cdelect at juno.com cdelect at juno.com
Mon Nov 3 16:35:23 EST 2014


The coating opposite the entrance to the bulb was degraded to the point
that it was missing over a large area and the tiny particles of loose
Teflon were free to move about in the bulb. (Rolling the bulb you could
see a little pile of particles moving about) Since a majority of the
hydrogen atoms  entering the bulb impact first at the opposite end that
would cause a large majority of the atoms in the correct state to be
perturbed as well as recombine  into molecules. So since the end needed
recoating it's best to do the whole thing.

Per the question of aqueous dispersions here is an excerpt from Dupont:

DuPont™ Teflon® aqueous dispersions are milky white dispersions of PTFE
particles in water, stabilized by wetting agents.



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