[time-nuts] New Guy, has HP 5061A with DATUM 7105A tube seeks advice

Wayne Holder wayne.holder at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 23:42:28 EST 2014

> http://www.artekmanuals.com has a nice scan of the manual if you can't
> find a clean copy online.  You will need to become familiar with the manual
> sooner or later.

So, I ordered the manual from Artek and got a download link, but could
never get the manual to download.  The download instructions said I could
not use Safari, or Chrome, so that left me with Firefox, as I'm a Mac
user.  But, no matter what I tried, the download kept asking me for a user
and password to save the file.  I could read it, but not save it.  So, I
emailed to complain and got back this bit of snark:

*FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS  the left click /right click  stuff is important,
large secure files ( this one is 60+MB) behave differently than small PDF's
this is because of the way Adobe and the browser share page memory*

*Also make sure you are using Adobe reader AFTER the download not during.
the idea is DOWNLOAD and SAVE the  view, If you are viewing during the
downloaded you are not really downloading ..a common error*
*Over 200 people have downloaded files in the last 30 days without incident*

*If this doesn't make sense to you in the MAC world we are happy to refund
your money and you can reorder a CD in the mail*

So, tried again several times, following his instructions exactly but, no
result.  I documented the steps I followed and emailed back (rather
snarkily, too) that his instructions didn't work.  I also called up a
friend with a PC and asked him to comer over and help me out.  But, by the
time the arrived, the seller, Artek, without any further response,
cancelled my order, refunded my money and deactivated the download link.

So, taking him at his word, I ordered a copy on CD from eBay (from the same
seller.)  But, a few minutes later, I got a response back from eBay saying
that my order had been cancelled by the seller.  Hmm...

So, can anyone point me to another source for this manual.  My serial
number begins with 2248A, so I need the manual that goes with this serial


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