[time-nuts] New Guy, has HP 5061A with DATUM 7105A tube seeks advice

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 13:16:58 EST 2014

Not sure of the issue I have downloaded from Artek many times and can't say
enough positive things about them.
Reach out directly to them they are very helpful.

On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 11:42 PM, Wayne Holder <wayne.holder at gmail.com>

> > http://www.artekmanuals.com has a nice scan of the manual if you can't
> > find a clean copy online.  You will need to become familiar with the
> manual
> > sooner or later.
> >
> So, I ordered the manual from Artek and got a download link, but could
> never get the manual to download.  The download instructions said I could
> not use Safari, or Chrome, so that left me with Firefox, as I'm a Mac
> user.  But, no matter what I tried, the download kept asking me for a user
> and password to save the file.  I could read it, but not save it.  So, I
> emailed to complain and got back this bit of snark:
> *FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS  the left click /right click  stuff is important,
> large secure files ( this one is 60+MB) behave differently than small PDF's
> this is because of the way Adobe and the browser share page memory*
> *Also make sure you are using Adobe reader AFTER the download not during.
> the idea is DOWNLOAD and SAVE the  view, If you are viewing during the
> downloaded you are not really downloading ..a common error*
> *Over 200 people have downloaded files in the last 30 days without
> incident*
> *If this doesn't make sense to you in the MAC world we are happy to refund
> your money and you can reorder a CD in the mail*
> So, tried again several times, following his instructions exactly but, no
> result.  I documented the steps I followed and emailed back (rather
> snarkily, too) that his instructions didn't work.  I also called up a
> friend with a PC and asked him to comer over and help me out.  But, by the
> time the arrived, the seller, Artek, without any further response,
> cancelled my order, refunded my money and deactivated the download link.
> So, taking him at his word, I ordered a copy on CD from eBay (from the same
> seller.)  But, a few minutes later, I got a response back from eBay saying
> that my order had been cancelled by the seller.  Hmm...
> So, can anyone point me to another source for this manual.  My serial
> number begins with 2248A, so I need the manual that goes with this serial
> range.
> Wayne
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