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> List,
> OK everybody, let’s not get our pacemakers wound up<G>
> The problem. (Long Intro)
> I have about 15 pieces or so of older HP test equipment.
> 3586B, 5370B, 5335A to name a few.  Because of their age of 20+ years a 
> few have failed and need repair. I
> have decided to go on a wholesale electrolytic capacitor replacement on 
> all of
> them. (Mouser will be able to declare an extra dividend)
> For all the *standard* types I’ve chosen mostly Panasonic
> 105C 10,000 hour caps. So far, so good.
> Now I come to the issue of the wet-slug tantalums that were
> used.  At the time of manufacture, these
> were the best and most expensive low voltage electrolytics available.
> The question is: can one replace the tantalums with the high
> grade (105C) Panasonic or Nichicon capacitors with an equal or higher
> capacitance value?
> Even using the *tear drop* new replacements one is looking
> at very heavy $$$.
> Regards,
> Perrier
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Take a look at the Aluminum Organic Polymer Electrolytics.
Available in 105 °C and 125 °C.  They have very low ESRs. In the milliohms.


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