[time-nuts] RFTG-u REF 0 Z3812 as cleanup module for FEI5680A

Hendrik Dietrich don_hendi at gmx.de
Tue Nov 18 00:08:09 EST 2014

Hello List,

having not looked at the spectra yet as I am confined to mobile phone 
instead of PC often, I had the idea to marry those two well-known 
devices to get a nice clean reference oscillator. I remember the 
spectrum of the FEI as not so nice, and the MTI sounds better.

My understanding is yet that I would need to emulate the REF1 unit, 
basically need to look up the "lonely REF" tweak with the bridges in J5, 
maybe fake valid GPS datagrams with a microcontroller and turn the 1PPS 
pulse from the FEI into that 2 PPSes expected.

Replacing the Lucent Power Brick with a linear supply and bridging the 
tripler to get 5 MHz out might be tweaks to increase the output spectrum 
further. This was discussed before, I think, i have to look it up too.

(I wonder if the REF0 acts up after complete removal of the source REF1 
or keep on doing holdover which would be a nice way to take a good 
frequency standard to a ham radio repeater side)



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