[time-nuts] Practical considerations making a lab standard with an LTE lite

Jim Sanford wb4gcs at wb4gcs.org
Sun Nov 23 14:19:40 EST 2014

I've read about die-hard microwave hams burying their master oscillators 
for a long time . . . .

On 11/23/2014 11:46 AM, Dr. David Kirkby (Kirkby Microwave Ltd) wrote:
> On 23 Nov 2014 14:45, "Bob Camp" <kb8tq at n1k.org> wrote:
>> Hi
>> If you have a basement in your house / building
> I do not.
>> —and —
>> it’s dry and reasonably draft free (no garage doors opening up from time
> to time)
> My lab is a room which is part of the garage! Just about everything is
> against me with this method,  BUT you do give me an idea...
> You got me thinking about the possibility of actually mounting the TCXO
> burried in the ground!   The temperature of that is not going to change
> very rapidly.
> FWIW, I know a guy that did work as an air conditioning engineer,, but now
> works for a company selling geothermal heating.  He installs  ground source
> heat pumps for the geothermal energy.  He says that they actually work
> quite poorly in many cases. In a couple of years the temperature of the
> ground falls as the heat is extracted faster than it replenishes.  So the
> efficiency falls off. I don't think that the TCXO would heat the ground
> faster than it dissipates away.
> Of course there would be some practical issues burying the TCXO, but those
> would not be insurmountable ones. I have no idea what depth might be
> needed.
> My wife thinks thinks I am a nutcase - that would only confirm it to her!
> Dave, G8WRB
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