[time-nuts] LTE Lite SkyTraq chip info

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Tue Nov 25 17:12:49 EST 2014

Now that the cat is out of the bag - notice that on these boards we used  
the special -T timing version which is more than twice as expensive than  the 
normal navigation version used by others.. I personally use the uBlox  
software because the Skytrack software had a habit of crashing itself and my  
computer from time to time..
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paulswedb at gmail.com writes:

Here is  a link to a company that at least shares details of the SkyTraq
venus 8  chip on the LTE-Lite. The actual skytraq sites is pretty  useless.


There  is a program that will read the nema codes and such also.
Have used it and  its not better or worse then ublox. A bit of humor it only
ever shows Asia  for the ground track.

The venus 8 seems to have a lot of capability.  Not sure how to get to it,
but the fact is for the LTE Lite its not needed.  It has a single job to
It would be curious to obtain the board  tindie sells because it supports
all of the satellites. But have to say  thats a project for another day
wayyyy down the list.
But at least you  can have some further technical details for the  system.
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