[time-nuts] LTE-Lite

Bob Camp kb8tq at n1k.org
Fri Nov 28 16:55:05 EST 2014


The “new chip ID, new com port” thing is pretty typical for the FTDI drivers. If you plug the old LTE back in there’s a good chance it will come back up as COMM 5. Usually they are pretty good about only adding ports for devices they have not seen before.


> On Nov 28, 2014, at 3:23 PM, Jim Sanford <wb4gcs at wb4gcs.org> wrote:
> All:
> After running my 20 MHz LTE-Lite for a week or so, I shut it down and connected one of the 10 MHz units.
> The LEDs appear to be responding (survey still in progress) as per the quick start guide.
> Windows installed a new comm port and driver.  (COMM6, with FTDI driver)  The COMM5 port which was the 20 MHz unit is gone.
> U-center has selected COMM6 and is autobaud at 38000, but is showing my nothing except blank screens and a red NO FIX.  Have I missed something?  Or will it not report anything until a lock is achieved??
> Thanks,
> Jim
> wb4gcs at amsat.org
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