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EB4APL eb4apl at cembreros.jazztel.es
Sun Nov 30 16:11:57 EST 2014


Just a word of caution here:
Do not trust Google Earth data for any precision work. The mentioned six 
feet are probably due to the geographical data, not to the precission 
of  your GPS unit.  If you look for image seams you can verify the kind 
of errors involved.
Google Earth is not a professional data source, if you want to use it 
por precise work they offer the option to load your own maps and images 
for your use , but this is not a free service.  The free service and 
data is good for showing your favorite pub to your friends.

Ignacio EB4APL

On 30/11/2014 a las 19:23, Jim Sanford wrote:
> SO, I just connected my third LTE-Lite unit.
> By the time the software drivers were installed, and I selected 
> U-center to the new COMM port, it had a fix.  Even with the survey LED 
> still blinking.
> I looked at the GoogleEarth view, and the fix is within six feet of 
> where the antenna really is.  IMPRESSIVE.
> BTW, the 10 MHz unit I ran for a couple of days showed a fix on 
> GoogleEarth within less than a foot of the antenna location.
> Most impressive.
> Jim
> On 11/28/2014 4:23 PM, Jim Sanford wrote:
>> All:
>> After running my 20 MHz LTE-Lite for a week or so, I shut it down and 
>> connected one of the 10 MHz units.
>> The LEDs appear to be responding (survey still in progress) as per 
>> the quick start guide.
>> Windows installed a new comm port and driver.  (COMM6, with FTDI 
>> driver)  The COMM5 port which was the 20 MHz unit is gone.
>> U-center has selected COMM6 and is autobaud at 38000, but is showing 
>> my nothing except blank screens and a red NO FIX.  Have I missed 
>> something?  Or will it not report anything until a lock is achieved??
>> Thanks,
>> Jim
>> wb4gcs at amsat.org

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