[time-nuts] HP10811-60212-B Pinouts.

dan at irtelemetrics.com dan at irtelemetrics.com
Fri Oct 10 19:31:35 EDT 2014

Hi All,

I recently picked up an HP10811-60212-B oscillator. However I don't 
happen to have the pinouts for this device. 

There are two coax cables, and cables with 6 pin headers. 
  One Coax is 10Mhz, the other is EFC. 

Of the two 6 pin headers, one only has 4 wires (cable labeled P3). 
  Colors are, BLK, RED, BLK, YEL, GRN, BLU. 
The other has all six pins (cable labeled P21) 
Colors are: GRY, GRY, RED, RED

I've found the schematics for some of the 60xxx parts on the usual 
manual sites listed here, but not this one. 

Does anyone have any pinout for this oscillator and possibly the 
schematic for this thing?

  Also, any idea what the coax connector model is (Maybe a source to 
buy a mate???). 
  It's a small push on type connector. I can post a picture if necessary. 


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