[time-nuts] Where the 5370's are...

Dave Brown tractorb at ihug.co.nz
Sun Oct 19 01:52:34 EDT 2014

Was there couple of weeks back to visit Los Alamos and the VLA- among other 
things- sure aint like that now. Gee you guys must be old.....!
BTW- the Black Hole is dead- no visible stock looking in windows and all 
closed up.
DaveB, Christchurch, NZ

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>> if New Mexico is really a legitimate US state.
> I dunno, I've been there.  Was exposed to bubonic plague.  And a friend 
> caught some wonderful blue corn tortilla parasite.  And the "interstate" 
> highway was two narrow strips of asphalt (one for each pair of wheels) 
> separated by a few feet of grass.  And the phone numbers were four digits 
> long.
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