[time-nuts] Where the 5370's are...

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Sun Oct 19 10:02:35 EDT 2014

I have to agree, it sounds like either the remembrances of someone that
was there in the 1950's, or a recitation of one of the A-Bomb book's
descriptions of New Mexico during the Manhattan project.

I drove to Los Alamos, New Mexico, from Maryland two summers ago, and
it was nothing like the two posters described.  It had real roads, and
real phone numbers... 4 bars on the cell phone.. mostly... even in the
Indian reservations.

I had previously driven to New Mexico in 1970, and it was pretty much
the same this time as it was the last time.  The only substantive
difference between the roads in NM, and the roads in the rest of the
middle of the country was the color, and texture, of the scenery.

They also had shopping centers, housing developments, very nice hotels
near the casinos, and crime.  Bubonic plague did show up in some wild
animals (according to the TV news... yes, they have TV stations.), the
summer I was there.  They recommend against petting the wild animals...
well Duh!

UPS delivered several packages to my son in Los Alamos, and mail service
worked both ways, so even that isn't a problem.  They even have airports.

I cannot imagine any interstate in the country being in the state you
describe since Eisenhower's  Defense Interstate Act of the 1950's/60's.

-Chuck Harris  (my only and last words on this off topic subject)

Dave Brown wrote:
> Was there couple of weeks back to visit Los Alamos and the VLA- among other things-
> sure aint like that now. Gee you guys must be old.....!
> BTW- the Black Hole is dead- no visible stock looking in windows and all closed up.
> DaveB, Christchurch, NZ
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>>> if New Mexico is really a legitimate US state.
>> I dunno, I've been there.  Was exposed to bubonic plague.  And a friend caught some
>> wonderful blue corn tortilla parasite.  And the "interstate" highway was two narrow
>> strips of asphalt (one for each pair of wheels) separated by a few feet of grass.
>> And the phone numbers were four digits long.

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