[time-nuts] Lucent KS-24361/Z3812A GPSDO initial setup

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Sat Oct 25 04:59:55 EDT 2014

Hi Bob
If REF-0 is the only one that can output the data that would certainly put  
me in a shot myself in the foot position wouldn't it?:-)
However, we do know from Arthur that REF-1 will operate stand alone, so  
assuming you haven't got a faulty unit, which I suspect is pretty unlikely,  
another option might be that data is only available from the currently 
"active"  unit, which I believe defaults to REF-0?, although both units would  
presumably need to be conditioning all the time to maintain  the "redundancy" 
Stewart is probably going to be best placed to  answer that question, given 
his degree of experience in operating the  two together, and it would 
certainly be interesting to hear his  conclusions.
In a message dated 25/10/2014 03:48:20 GMT Daylight Time, bob at evoria.net  

Sorry if  these comments are a bit naive, but this is my first exposure to 
a  Z38xx.

I've got mine powered on and connected to the antenna.   After referring to 
Stewart's original post (once again) I've managed to  download HP's SATSTAT 
and get it running.  When I connected to the REF-1  unit (with the 
receiver) all I get is comms errors.  But when I connect  to REF-0, Satstat seems 
quite happy.  It's reporting the unit as a  Z3812A.  Is REF-0 the only one you 
can connect to, or is REF-1 mute till  it's happy with the GPS receiver?

The mode says "Power-Up: GPS  Acquisition", so I guess that's OK.  I think 
things are  progressing.  It's attempting to survey, but reporting 
"Suspended: poor  geometry".  I suppose with a little more time this will work itself 
 out?  It seems to be slowly tracking more sats, as it's now up to 5.
I  wonder if there's a way to shortcut the survey process using Satstat?   
I've got a 48 hour survey done on this antenna with the LEA-6T, so I should 
be  able to input those figures, right?  I'll see if I can find anything in 
a  Satstat manual I found.

Bob - AE6RV

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