[time-nuts] Oscilloquartz 3210 Cesium Standard

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Thu Sep 4 16:27:59 EDT 2014

> Good evening Magnus
> You should post it on time nuts.

Hi Bert,

It looks like Magnus did in fact post his message to time-nuts. I'd like to figure out why it appeared as a private email to you instead of a normal time-nuts posting. Give me a call or email.

His and your postings came through just fine. See:


A note to everyone -- the past few weeks John and I are trying to figure out how to get the time-nuts list sort of back to the way it was.

The new version of mailman he's using has features to accommodate domains using DMARC (e.g., AOL, Yahoo, ATT, Microsoft (hotmail, outlook, live), Comcast). That should bring back the hundred or so members who keep getting bounced off time-nuts at febo.com

If you have technical questions or suggestions about this let me (tvb at leapsecond) and John (jra at febo.com) know.


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