[time-nuts] newcomer

steph.rey steph.rey at wanadoo.fr
Mon Sep 15 08:50:18 EDT 2014

 Hi the list,

 Just wanted to introduce myself for my 1st message.
 I'm Stephane, 40, living in France, at the moment working in RF & 
 electronics for a particles accelerator lab. I'm hamradio as well, and I 
 do enjoy especially weak and accurate signals.
 I'm desiging various RF circuits. Current design is a universal PLL 
 able to operate from 0.5 to 6 GHz depending on the VCO and supposed to 
 be "low-jitter" (<1ps) regarding the application.
 I'm also starting a new design of low noise PLL and there will be 
 probably a lot of question arising... I'm starting with the 1 GHz LO 
 made upon a 100 MHz VCXO + multipliers/filters/MMICs.
 I want to focus deeper on low phase noise/jitter, synchronization and 
 low-noise PLL techniques.
 I believe this is a good place for most of these topics.


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