[time-nuts] Frequency doubler 5/10 and distribution amplifierfor Lucent KS-24361

Gerhard Hoffmann dk4xp at arcor.de
Wed Apr 8 07:28:53 EDT 2015

Hi, dave & the others,

Am 05.04.2015 um 20:51 schrieb Dave M:
> Count me in for one (maybe two, depending on cost of the board + parts).

I have changed the regulators to TO-220, it will still require attaching 
to some isolated metal plate.
In the prototype I have 5W 5V6-Zeners to drop the input voltage, they 
run quite hot (but are not
screwed to a heat sink as intended by their manufacturer.)

The outputs now have discharge resistors, the lowpass now can have 
higher output impedance
at 5 MHz, making the 2nd 5 MHz trap more efficient. This is still untested.
The board is slightly bigger, still needs a little bit of cleaning up.
I still can accept tech. ideas for, say 3 days.

enforcing symmetry, changing the output transformer of the doubler back 
to 9:1 auto-transformer
for more harmonic suppression & cheap gain, so the output drivers

This is the phasenoise btw:

> I have been working on a design for an elliptical lowpass filter 
> following a diode doubler and a small amount of amplification..  I 
> have most of the parts, using a couple of RFExtra's developer boards 
> (Ebay item 150203651783).  Only need a couple SMD inductors and can 
> start building it. Will be continuing with that in a week or two, when 
> I get over a minor surgery.  Will be interesting to compare to two 
> approaches.
> If it turns out to be a problem to duplicate the board in volume, I'd 
> really like to get an actual-size PDF of it for my own use.
A .pdf & laser printer is what I have used also.

There are more requests now so we could do a small production run. I'd 
like to avoid
having many versions of this.

regards, Gerhard.

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