[time-nuts] Frequency doubler 5/10 and distribution amplifier for Lucent KS-24361

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sun Apr 5 09:22:50 EDT 2015


On 04/04/2015 02:18 PM, Gerhard Hoffmann wrote:
> Am 03.04.2015 um 04:04 schrieb Philip Gladstone:
>> I'm coming late to this thread from January -- but did anybody ever
>> make the PCBs for Gerhard's 10MHz output board? I'm interested.....
>> I just got my pair of RFTG's.
> Congratulations!
> There isn't a lot of news.. The interest on the net quickly boiled down,
> my sample works and so there was not a great incentive to follow that
> with much energy. And getting boards out does not mean that those
> are really built or that there is any feedback at all, as I saw with my
> 220pV/sqrtHz preamp.
> The Altium Designer files are available, maybe the regulators should be
> changed to sth. bigger (TO220 with small heat sink or so)

Not having Altium, how can I convert this into a board?

I could use a few.

> regards, Gerhard
> (who will spend this rainy&cold Easter weekend on a 1pps generator
> whose outputs can be skewed in ps-steps to check the linearity of
> T2D converters or time stretchers.)

Now, that would also come in handy here. My pulse-generators have a 
little too much jitter on them even if the resolution is useful.


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