[time-nuts] Thank you note

Perry Sandeen sandeenpa at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 20 02:24:03 EDT 2015


I want to thank all the memberswho have answered my questions, many being you really don’t want to do this andhere’s why as well as the current group that generally posts to the list.  I really don’t want to learn by trying thingsthat have failed for others proving again to myself that they won’t work,

I’ve learned much from the listby reading what other people have tried with varying degrees of success or havefailed at so I don’t make the same mistake.

Many subjects are way over myhead and for those I just delete as I’ll never be interested in it or it farexceeds my skill level.

I want to especially acknowledgetwo members in particular.

Jim Lux: for his fascinating longand highly readable posts for a layman like myself on the JPL workings.

Secondly, Bob Camp for both hislist and off list emails patiently *schooling * me so I continue to grow in TNknowledge.

This is a great group and I concedethat I have made some less than prudent comments on several occasions for whichI apologize for.  An extreme differencein opinion still calls for polite response of disagreement. I was appropriatelytaken, privately, to the wood shed.

That issue aside, I could neverhave gotten such a fascinating education in timekeeping and its almost infinitevariations without this group.




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