[time-nuts] RFTG-m-XO KS-24019 RS-422 Query

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Tue Apr 28 02:04:54 EDT 2015

Have the subject RFTG unit. Bought an RS-422 to USB converter, found a
simple terminal emulator (PuTTY), and scoured KO4BB's site.
Discovered that the pins for the otherwise unlabeled "RFTG-m RS-422
INTERFACE" drawing were reversed, and that you don't connect R to R and
T to T. The diagnostic software on KO4BB's site will not run on modern
Windows systems (sorry, I used Unix in the eighties but it's all windows

Every second, PuTTY shows the string :110000000000000000E109FB with the
initial Failed status and :100000000000000000E109FA when the green light
comes on after about 20 minutes. Does anyone know how to decode that
string (presumably hex)? The strings were copied from the PuTTY screen
with ^C, not manually transcribed.

The RFTG unit does not acquire GPS lock after 32 hours. I had hoped that
the status message would tell me why it isn't locked.

Note that this is the 1998 version, not the newer ones.

Any clues to documentation appreciated.

Bill Hawkins

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