[time-nuts] New +/- 1 sec in 100 days mech clock

Richard (Rick) Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Tue Apr 21 01:09:56 EDT 2015

Perhaps it is not a good analogy, but I think of
the cesium beam tube in the 5071A.  The plans
alone are very non-trivial.  Then there are
a bunch of proprietary machining details that
I can't disclose, that are way beyond the
merely having access to a CNC tool.  The
systematic error due to the CBT is below
something like 1 part in 10^14, which is
1 second in 3 million years.  Perhaps that
is in some sense equivalent to Harrison's
1 second in 0.3 years.  7 orders of magnitude
difference.  As many time-nuts are probably
aware of, most if not all cesium clocks that are better
than the 5071A have reversible beams to
cancel out CBT assymmetry.

Rick Karlquist N6RK

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