[time-nuts] HP5328A & HP5328B option 040

Gary Chatters gcarlistaa at garychatters.com
Thu Apr 23 20:10:49 EDT 2015

On 04/23/2015 06:18 PM, Bob Albert via time-nuts wrote:
>  From your comments, it seems that finding a voltmeter board to add to my 5328A isn't worth the trouble.  I have been looking for one even though I have plenty of voltmeters.  I assume the option allows measurement of the signal inputs but still probably isn't worth all the agony of changing the panel, etc.
> Am I making sense?
> Bob K6DDX

To throw in my $0.02 worth:

I have the DVM option on a couple of my counters, but never pay much 
attention to it.  I have DMMs and a couple of Simpson 260s.  However, 
the discussion made me curious so I checked on what they do.  Two things 
of interest:
- They only measure DC. (The ones I have).
- The one in the 5328A will also "Read A" or "Read B".  This reads the 
level of the trigger voltage (DC).  The catalog says this is really 
helpful for setup.  I'll have to give it a try sometime.
- Others are just a separate input and don't measure anything on the AC 
input signal.

On the topic of suffix letters: Sometimes the suffix letter indicates a 
variation in the basic model.  For example, the 3336 synthesizer/level 
- 3336A - CCITT version
- 3336B - Bell system version
- 3336C - General purpose version.


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