[time-nuts] HP5328A & HP5328B option 040

Luca Dal Passo iw2lje at gmail.com
Sat Apr 25 03:39:17 EDT 2015

    another interesting item about the suffix letter topic,  is the hp 8620
sweep generator. The 8620B is a very simplified version of the 8620A, not
an improved one. It comes without markers, that is without some knobs,
withouth some dials, and without some boards. The 8620C is a later
improoved version of the 8620A.

Il venerdì 24 aprile 2015, Gary Chatters <gcarlistaa at garychatters.com> ha

> On 04/23/2015 06:18 PM, Bob Albert via time-nuts wrote:
>>  From your comments, it seems that finding a voltmeter board to add to my
>> 5328A isn't worth the trouble.  I have been looking for one even though I
>> have plenty of voltmeters.  I assume the option allows measurement of the
>> signal inputs but still probably isn't worth all the agony of changing the
>> panel, etc.
>> Am I making sense?
>> Bob K6DDX
> To throw in my $0.02 worth:
> I have the DVM option on a couple of my counters, but never pay much
> attention to it.  I have DMMs and a couple of Simpson 260s.  However, the
> discussion made me curious so I checked on what they do.  Two things of
> interest:
> - They only measure DC. (The ones I have).
> - The one in the 5328A will also "Read A" or "Read B".  This reads the
> level of the trigger voltage (DC).  The catalog says this is really helpful
> for setup.  I'll have to give it a try sometime.
> - Others are just a separate input and don't measure anything on the AC
> input signal.
> On the topic of suffix letters: Sometimes the suffix letter indicates a
> variation in the basic model.  For example, the 3336 synthesizer/level
> generator:
> - 3336A - CCITT version
> - 3336B - Bell system version
> - 3336C - General purpose version.
> Gary
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