[time-nuts] HP10811 dual oven

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Tue Aug 4 17:24:07 EDT 2015

Pete wrote:

>I have a HP / Symmetricom unit that has a dual oven 10811 that was part of
>a telecom master clock distribution system that was only meant to run in a
>controlled environment.

I'm not 100% positive, but I believe the OCXO in your photos is not 
an HP 10811, but rather the Symmetricom version, which uses a 5MHz 
crystal and a frequency doubler.  I bought a 58503 that the seller 
guaranteed had a 10811, but it turned out to have the Symmetricom 
oscillator instead.  When I pointed this out, the seller offered to 
refund me the price of a DO 10811, which I accepted.  Just for 
curiosity's sake, I ran the 58503 as it was, and after a time it 
settled into being one of my most stable OCXOs -- better than all of my 10811s.

Best regards,


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