[time-nuts] KS-24361 REF-0 standalone

Daniel Watson watsondaniel3 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 9 23:06:57 EDT 2015


I have completed a write-up on how to make the REF-0 run standalone. As
there is a lot to cover, I decided to split it up into two (or more) parts.
This first part summarizes what is required on the interface pins, and
details what I have discovered about the serial string timing. If you know
how to program a microcontroller and you have a GPS and a single schmitt
inverter IC handy, you can do this right now.

To save bandwidth on the list and have a nice simple link, I posted this on
my "blog" (which I rarely actually use). Here is the link:


I will do a second write-up with some code. Nearly any microcontroller with
a UART will work, even an Arduino. I will do example AVR and PIC code.

I have referenced and credited many people in this write-up who helped with
this project, or worked on the KS-24361 units in general. If your name is
not listed and you did work on deciphering these boxes, please email me
off-list. I will add you. If your name is listed and you don't want it to
be for some reason, email me. If you see problems with what I have written,
email me.

This procedure is brand new. Problems may be found. But at least progress
has been made.

I hope this information is useful. Good luck getting your REF-0 running
standalone. Mine has been for several hours and it's doing great. Over days
and weeks we will see how these units do long-term running by themselves.



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