[time-nuts] Has my TBolt gone south ?

Bryan _ bpl521 at outlook.com
Wed Aug 12 21:50:46 EDT 2015

I have had a similar issue occur. For some reason it all of a sudden wanted to do wanted to do a self survey but couldn't. Stuck at 1% on the survey. I switched to Tboltmonitor as my backup program and was able to re input my lat/long and altitude settings, saved and it carried on. Power glitch, firmware issue, who knows.
p.s. I believe you need a minimum of three satellites to work through the standard or precision survey.


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> dibene at usa.net said:
> > Today I switched on again my TBolt after a few weeks of power down. It looks
> > like it has decided to take a period of rest, maybe definitive... 
> How long did you wait after turning it on?
> How good is your antenna position?
> Did you tell it to remember the location after a survey finished?
> If it's been off for a few weeks, it doesn't know where the satellites are.  
> To get started, it has to find one by a brute force search.  With a good 
> antenna, that doesn't take very long.  Then it takes 15 minutes to collect 
> the satellite info.  With a poor antenna location, it takes longer, maybe a 
> lot longer.
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