[time-nuts] UPDATE: Heol N024 GPS for TS-2100 Failure

Gerhard Wittreich gerhard at wittreich.org
Mon Aug 17 10:33:57 EDT 2015

I heard back from Heol Design and it appears that this is not an isolated
issue and Heol is aware of the problem.  They believe that something is
causing the GPS to lose key settings.  They have updated their firmware to
reload key settings on power-up in case they had been lost.  I am a bit
concerned that, while this will offer a remedy if the problem occurs, it
will still require a periodic reboot to correct the issue.

Heol is sending me and another "timenut" a new GPS board with the updated
firmware.  If you have an early version of the board, be on the lookout for
loss of "Tracking" as a symptom of the problem.

--Gerhard R Wittreich, P.E.

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