[time-nuts] UPDATE: Heol N024 GPS for TS-2100 Failure

Esa Heikkinen tn1ajb at nic.fi
Tue Aug 18 17:38:46 EDT 2015

Gerhard Wittreich kirjoitti:

> Heol is sending me and another "timenut" a new GPS board with the updated
> firmware.  If you have an early version of the board, be on the lookout for
> loss of "Tracking" as a symptom of the problem.

If this is a same issue that I discovered, it seemed to happen at each 
Saturday evening (UTC). But there's no need to reboot anything, it will 
recover by itself, just sit back and wait... "Loss of tracking" event 
stays maybe about an hour or something and then it will return to normal.

So it's only a minor problem, unless you need full PPS accuracy (+-50 ns 
with OCXO). If TS2100 is used as FTP server, this temporary loss of 
tracking doesn't matter.

Best regards,


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