[time-nuts] "Vanguard Ultra precision Golden Oscillator"

David t_list_1_only at braw.co.uk
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 > The most encouraging thing is that there *is* a phase noise spec on it.

BUT its seems to be the same spec on all irrespective of carrier 
frequency which goes from to 6MHz to 100MHz, with similar design the 
time jitter may be somewhat similar but I'd be astonished if the phase 
noise was common to all (implying grossly different time jitter). In 
addition, the package would worry me, 4 pins all with a glass seal, I 
want the ground pin to be directly connected to the case to minimise 
ground inductance leading to issues like injection locking. I'd assume 
these are cheap and cheerful clock oscillators, similar can be bought 
with a known brand label and spec from Digikey etc for less $.


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A few things I would wonder about:

1) Is it 0.1 ppm over 0 to 50C (or some other range)? If not, what is the temperature stability?
2) Does it run at 3.3V -or- at 5V (pick one) or do they run equally well at either voltage?
3) Since there is no EFC, is 0.1 ppm the set tolerance? If it’s not, what is the initial accuracy?

Lots of questions, there’s not much information there. That may be due to the seller not
having the information. It also may just be because nobody ever asked. The term TCXO can
mean a variety of things to a different people ….

The most encouraging thing is that there *is* a phase noise spec on it.


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