[time-nuts] 3 corner hat

John Miles john at miles.io
Wed Aug 26 22:02:13 EDT 2015

> Thank you for the answers.
> I've already posted my formulas that work for phase noise.
> But John, I will now try your method with the Timepod and see how they
> compare.
> I did get the N corner to work with the Timepod, but as you say, that's for

You're welcome -- I haven't seen that done for PN, but on the surface I don't see why it wouldn't work.  You'll always get the best data with the dual-source technique, though.  It would be good to hear how your results from the two different methods compare to each other.

Re: the spurs, any uncorrelated spurs on the Ch0 and Ch2 sources should average out just like the noise.  But for high-level spurs close to the carrier, this process may take too long to be useful, and it won't be helpful for removing common-mode interference like ground loops.  Frequency drift between Ch0 and Ch2 will also tend to keep the spurs from cancelling, and will also make it hard for the software to remove them.  It's a good idea to use clean, stable sources for these types of measurements whenever possible.

> Just a personal note.  The Timepod is the worlds best bit of electronics
> ever, and if John Miles was English, I would recommend him for a knighthood.
> John, hope you're blushing now.

Heh, I'm afraid I'd have to politely decline the title.  Too many people already mistake me for Rowan Atkinson, and that would only make matters worse! 

-- john, KE5FX
Miles Design LLC

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