[time-nuts] FLL errors

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sat Aug 29 16:52:43 EDT 2015

namichie at gmail.com said:
> If the decoded time from a GPS system is used discipline  an oscillator then
> leap seconds would have to have a frequency transient to maintain lock. 

GPS uses GPS time which avoids leap seconds.

If you want to introduce something like a leap second, you don't need a 
frequency transient.  You can adjust the way that you label the cycles.

> If you use the output to say drive a radio telescope monitoring  a distant
> object you would want Earth’s rotation to be phase or sidereal Time locked.

For sidereal time, the UTC-sidereal offset changes by a second when a leap 
second is introduced so the net result is constant.

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