[time-nuts] Mechanical 1PPS Oscillator Disciplining

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Jan 10 12:24:10 EST 2015

Hi David yes I think I have seen similar but not as low as that. If you
compare the suspension points the different vibrational mode should
obvious.....the suspension point is at a node. I think some of these are
quite difficult to excite, I have not seen any suggested circuits but I have
not looked too hard.


I uploaded a couple of pictures taken with the 'phone.


The first photo shows the size and mounting points of the crystal.  The 
crystal itself appears to be a two-layer structure.  The second photo shows 
a detail of one of the mounting points.  The gold plating appears to have 
been scraped away at the edge, and some sort of solder join made at the 
edge.  I might be able to do a better image with a different camera, but I 
don't know.

Hope that is of some interest.

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