[time-nuts] What are some cw signal Generators for ATE test?

Ivan.Cousins ijcousins at frontier.com
Sat Jan 17 21:59:17 EST 2015

time-nuts members:

What are some signal generators for ATE test?

100MHz to >=10GHz (higher would be better)
Settling time less than 1mS
Reasonable phase noise
Cost, less than mortgaging a house.    :)

Just a single tone that can be moved reasonably fast.
IQ modulation not required.

Application: Testing ICs or small RF modules.

I do not want suggestions of how one could be built.
I am aware of pieces that can be used to build one.
Generally, the units that are based upon YIGs or YIG tuned filters are 
not fast enough.
I am not looking for general discussions on how one could be designed or 
Although, this being "time-nuts", that will probably happen anyway.    :)

What I am looking for is one that can be purchased and be used in a test 
I am looking to build a list of possible instruments that can be used.

Right now I am only looking at what is on the market for a survey.
I am not looking for salesmen to call or write to me.
I have done the standard google searches and looked on the usual 
instrument company web sites.

Links to other surveys that are available are welcome.
I may have missed some.

Some instruments that I am aware of at the moment are:
Keysight N5183B
Rhode-Schwarz SGS100A
Ni-PhaseMatrix USB 20GHz
Apria Technology ULNsyn-MD20

What are some others?

Thank you.

Ivan Cousins

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