[time-nuts] SR620 question

Gerhard Hoffmann dk4xp at arcor.de
Tue Jan 27 15:00:01 EST 2015

Hi, fellow time nuts,

I have some questions regarding the Stanford SR620:

1. Is it a drawback wrt ADEV when a SR620 does not have have the opt. oven
if I have an ultra clean external reference? Does it use the external 
ref directly
or does it just pull the own reference to the external value in the long 
no matter if it's the good or the bad oscilator?

2 I have seen that the manual has a parts list and references the circuit
diagrams, but they are not included in the pdf. Are the circuits somewhere
out there?

My 5370A has become so unreliable that it needs replacement.

regards, Gerhard

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