[time-nuts] Trimble Thunderbolt question, splitting its output.

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Fri Mar 27 19:56:15 EDT 2015

Chris wrote:

>can I T off the T/Thunderbolt 10MHz feed to
>this board and take a second sine wave output direct from the
>Thunderbolt, to drive a transceiver GPS disciplined 10 MHz frequency
>standard input as well as having it feed the divider baord

The input impedance of the divider board is nominally 50 ohms (closer 
to 45 ohms, with 1Vrms drive from the TBolt).  If the transceiver has 
a high-impedance input (1k ohm or higher), you should be able to get 
by with a simple "T" connection.  Run coax from the TBolt to a BNC 
"T" at the transceiver input, and another coax from the "T" to the 
divider board.  This will work best if this second piece of coax is 
short (i.e., the divider board and the transceiver are physically 
close to each other).

If the transceiver has a nominally 50 ohm input or the coax run 
between the transceiver and the divider board would be long, you 
should use a 50 ohm power splitter.  Put the splitter close to the 
TBolt with a short run of coax, then run whatever lengths of coax are 
necessary from the outputs of the splitter to the divider board and 
the transceiver.

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