[time-nuts] Trimble Thunderbolt question, splitting its output.

Chris Wilson chris at chriswilson.tv
Sat Mar 28 05:04:59 EDT 2015


on 28/03/2015 09:04  you wrote:

> Chris wrote:

>>can I T off the T/Thunderbolt 10MHz feed to
>>this board and take a second sine wave output direct from the
>>Thunderbolt, to drive a transceiver GPS disciplined 10 MHz frequency
>>standard input as well as having it feed the divider baord

> The input impedance of the divider board is nominally 50 ohms (closer 
> to 45 ohms, with 1Vrms drive from the TBolt).  If the transceiver has 
> a high-impedance input (1k ohm or higher), you should be able to get 
> by with a simple "T" connection.  Run coax from the TBolt to a BNC 
> "T" at the transceiver input, and another coax from the "T" to the 
> divider board.  This will work best if this second piece of coax is 
> short (i.e., the divider board and the transceiver are physically 
> close to each other).

> If the transceiver has a nominally 50 ohm input or the coax run 
> between the transceiver and the divider board would be long, you 
> should use a 50 ohm power splitter.  Put the splitter close to the 
> TBolt with a short run of coax, then run whatever lengths of coax are 
> necessary from the outputs of the splitter to the divider board and 
> the transceiver.

> Best regards,

> Charles

 That  answers  my  question  perfectly  Charles,  many thanks for the
 detailed reply, much appreciated.

       Best Regards,
                   Chris Wilson.

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